Is Retail Therapy A Myth?

Is Retail Therapy A Myth?

So no this isn't a whole blog post on shopping but it is about stress and mainly how do you and I deal with it. 

Let's be real... the last almost 2 years now have been stressful in one way or the other. We had a pandemic that technically we still in, virtual school, work from home and relatives we had not seen in over a year. 


About the only thing you could do to have contact with the outside for awhile was shop online aka retail therapy. 

Now that we are back to somewhat of a normal existence, I wonder if you find yourself like me trying to get back to "normal" or even try to figure what that new normal is! 

Let me give you an example ( story time ). We were so excited this year to take Arianna and Sienna trick or treating this year. At 3 and 1 respectively this is really their first real Halloween and I go hard for the holiday season if you can't tell lol. So we are got decorations and costumes. We have been in this home for 15+ years and 12 of those with my oldest son so we know what trick or treating was like before. This year was soooo different. 

One, I think the community forgot how it works. People didn't have candy but had on their light. There were a few that said they even forgot about it!

Two, let's talk about there wasn't that many people out as before but that I could almost understand but still way less than I thought. Parks and other areas are full so I assumed we were all trick or treating. 

Last, the marketplace was going hard but not so much the people. Deals and sales were there and the stores were sold out but I didn't actually see it where I was. 

My takeaway was that, wow, we aren't quite back to normal despite what the media may want you to think and you know what I think that that's ok. 

It was almost a light bulb for me that we don't have to be back to how we were in 2019. We can find our new normal and that I have been stressing to get back to normal and I need to let go and just give myself permission to navigate a new path. 

Part of this has been how can I make sure I am giving myself space to find a new way aka de-stress. Now I am not trying to tell you not to shop because I am a consumer to and there is some joy when you get that package of something you bought for yourself but here are a few more things I am adding to my list of to do's to get back to me. 


1. Make time to do activities I enjoy 

2. Reconnect with friends and family 

3. Have unplanned time to just be 


These are the three things I committed to reduce stress and create more moments of joy. As the holiday season goes along try not to get overwhelmed and stressed and make sure you take some time for yourself. 

Peace and Blessings, 



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