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When is a t-shirt not just a t-shirt?

Recently I saw a post online where the poster stated, "We don't need anymore t-shirt, mugs, hair or lash businesses in our community." Having been in retail from store level to corporate level over the last 20 years I could not wait to respond to this one. 

Can you guess what my response was? 

Well when Macy's, Dillards, Target  ... you get the idea right? When they are looking at their product lines and are thinking let's not carry dresses this year because the other retailers are carrying dresses. Nope this conversation never happens! What they do discuss is how can we bring  innovation or newness to the market. If swing dresses are the "it" piece this season how can they make it a little more unique than their competitor? 

Can you imagine how many small business dreams are dashed because of this thinking? Boy am I glad that I don't let that energy into my space. 

So that brings me to the title, when is a t-shirt not just a t-shirt? Well, the above got me thinking. Maybe some of this is coming from the fact that t-shirts are now more than just for lounging around the house or making a grocery run. T-shirts are now a fashion statement and can be dressed up or down. Business attire has changed so much with the influx of the younger generation, so those days of wearing $200 suits to work everyday are slowly dying.  So I decided to put together a little infograph to show the top 3 ways to wear that t-shirt. 

Because..... when I started Arianna's Kloset I did it because there was so many things I would say or see and think that I wish I had a shirt for that. Now I get to make it for all of those ladies and gents who share my same sense of humor and style. Lucky for me there seems to be quite a few of you!


As always I so appreciate every customer that visits and shops with us! I hope you continue to enjoy the product we share with you. When you have time drop us a pic of you wearing your t-shirt via email, social media or messenger! Would love to see it!



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