Black History Month Into Celebrating Women In March

Black History Month Into Celebrating Women In March

I don't know about you but something about this past Black History month hit a little different. After the year we just had since BHM in 2020, I think this year was more poignant than before. Yes, I think Black history and accomplishments should be celebrated every month, 365 days out the year but we should also celebrate that we have one month where it is all about us and our culture and a chance to remind the world that we are da bomb 😉


Now we are in March and baybee we are really on my topic and can mix two of my favorite things. Maybe you haven't noticed but I am a little passionate about strong women and messages that support that. So you can guess it right? March is International Women's month so this whole month will be about strong melanated women and messages that support them! Stay tuned for more cool shirts and messages debuting this month. 

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