Being a Black owned business in 2020

Being a Black owned business in 2020

I think we all knew 2020 was going to be a special year but boy has this year been one knock after another. Pandemics, killer hornets, Protests, riots and a time in the nation when all the years of hurt and anger have come to a head. 

Fun time to start a new business right? 

Surprisingly, it has been the most exciting time to be a Black owned business. I have been in business in some form or fashion over the last 10 years, even though this is my first foray into a strictly online business, the support over the last few months has been amazing! 

There is so much more awareness in our community of where we are spending our dollars and who we are spending it with. I know many of my entrepreneur friends would not publicize they are Black or minority owned for fear of alienating customers. Black owners would critique product offerings because we may not want to be too "ethnic". Well no more of that in 2020. The marketplace will be forever changed after 2020 and I truly it will be for the better. 

So, I want to close out by saying THANK YOU to all of my current and new customers for supporting my dream and vision. Thank you for spending your money consciously so it circulates in our community and last but not least ....

Shameless product plug coming :-) 

Sooo many new items added and coming to the shop but this one here is my favorite 

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Happy Shopping, 


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