The Buy One Give One Notebook Initiative

As I was personally preparing to start the 2020/2021 for my oldest, we are doing 100% Virtual, I also was seeing a lot of posts in my timeline for other parents getting ready too. One post stuck out, it is from a friend who has an in home daycare and LOVES her babies. As such she is still passionate about education even for the wee ones. Since so many parents are also needing support where they have to return to work but need someone with their small children during the day she has expanded to this service. This friend was posting that they were doing a fund raiser and also would be happy for donations for school supplies. I immediately told her I was just putting together a kids kollection of notebooks and would send her some. Just tell me how many!
This got my mind to going? How many other small businesses that support our kids have this same need? This is where the idea was born for the Buy One Give One Notebook Initiative! A way Arianna's Kloset can continue to give back 
Program Details: 
- If you are a small business supporting our children in the community ( small school, daycare, etc. ) you are eligible. Please no teachers in public/private schools at this time
- Fill out the contact sheet below with a brief description of your business and average student/child class size 
- Once we receive the information you will receive a school code to share with your parents, friends and community for 10% off any stationary purchase on our website ( notebooks, journals and planners) 
- For every purchase using your code we will donate one spiral notebook to your school!
- Orders will be sent out monthly for donations based on previous month accrual. 
We hope your as excited as we are and we can't wait to hear about your awesome schools and how we can give back!